Thursday, 11 August 2011

Elegy for an Island

Once I swam
In a sea in your eyes
Where memories of fear and longing
Passed me by.

Then I came to a shore
Where your lips did rest
And I quenched my thirst
And never left.

Perhaps the wind knew
Where time was going
I sat in the shade of your hair
Dark and flowing.

Your breath lulled me
To sleep and I
Sang songs to your name
And closed my eyes.

And as I slid down your smooth your neck
Your skin, it did gleam
And the island of your body slowly swayed
In the sunset of my dream.

Perhaps the wind knew
Where the birds were going
I sat in the shade of her hair
Dark and knowing.

Then I ran, on a field on her spine
And found my reasons
Sheltered in her breast
The seasons will forever be unkind
To you and I, who wander aimless.

Soon, the clouds gathered
And a storm did come
Where the armies all departed
With their bugles and their drums.

And I made a raft
To brave the tides
When sun set, as
The light from your eyes.

If you find me drifting
With my planks and my oars
Leave me like the wind
But guide me to the shore.

*photo by Piret


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the harsh reality of me. said...

oh my goodness, this is truly beautiful, you have a way of writing which is really brilliant and the wording is very good! and thank you for the quote 'if love is a shelter, walk in the rain' it really had a positive affect on me!

Aazar said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! :)