Thursday, 10 February 2011


I annoy everyone. I guess sometimes you have to put up with me. It sucks to be confused about little things and memory bringing me down with forgetfulness all the time. I don't impress the ones i love with mostly anything i do anymore. Maybe just strangers who don't know what i look like and get confused about how to spell my name. I am going to be such a burden when i grow old.


Rainchild said...

I do know what you look like..and i do feel like weve strayed...but i dont know why..

I miss you. : ]

mario-narui-sonicx059 said...

I know what your profile picture looks like. I have never met you. Although I read your material every day. I have scripts so that one of your writing is randomly presented to me so that I always have something to read, that I enjoy. Nonetheless I enjoy your work and keep them coming.

Aazar said...

Thank you so much Shraddha and Mario(?)..your words mean a lot to me and make me go on.

Apurva said...

naiii. You don't annoy me. :D