Tuesday, 15 June 2010


We've kissed in places where art is made or forced out of people. Where statues stare and seem to be moving. Where people take shelter from the sun and creepers and vines come out of anywhere and everywhere.

We've kissed in places where people quench their thirst. Where pigeons call other pigeons and stare till we're done or its time. Where staircases are forgotten because people are too old and they'd rather stay down, or children are too scared to go in the dark, where two pairs of eyes chase each other and shine.

We've kissed while beautiful tall women dance or middle aged men play their flutes or sip their tea and its the perfect background music, everyone else is oblivious to how it all comes together.

We've kissed while water runs out, overflows and is enough for crows and sparrowes.

We've kissed in places where people can see through the walls and maybe no one is watching but everyone knows.

This is all the same but each kiss is different.


Street Walker said...

As always worth reading from you.


"effervescencia" said...

All of those kisses, they're meant to be different and special... but they're always so elusive aren't they?

Aazar said...

Manisha....always worth hearing from u! :)
Thanks Udita, hope ure doing alright, cheers! :)

Apurva said...

ah1 so true. They're different in the sense that they tingle you each time..
But there's this serene comfort and belonging which makes it so endearing.. :)