Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shedding Roots

People may live for little things, accept their destiny, whatever that means, but maybe no one really wants to badly belong to something or someone or something anymore, i don't know if people yearn for simple things anymore, everyone wants something they cant put their finger on, everybody needs something more. Sometimes when i feel content with where i am, who i am or what i am, there's this weird feeling in my head that i should be dissatisfied with everything, even a little bit would do. And then there is the world which tells me that this isn't the way to be and i can't be this way forever. People live with so much noise inside these days its shocking how they don't go nuts. The 21st century has made us our own slaves, we are bound to doubt ourselves, to hate ourselves and to always compare our achievements with something bigger and better - and that readily available like a huge billboard with neon lights somewhere out can't miss it, you can't escape it. We've come so far from where we were, we don't know where we began from. But hasn't it always been like this? Judgement day is always near. The world is always melting away since the day it began, but our day of reckoning is different from the others because it is OURS. If people don't know about how things started, they want something to hold on to...i guess that's how finalities come into the picture, and the future is always uncertain, and the end is always near, as Morrison puts it.

Our feelings and thoughts are one knows it like us, no one can or will understand - only we do. We are the only one. Its funny no one has a friend inside. Things can get pretty lonely there, yet everyone seeks solitude and obscurity. To not make sense of the world is the way to be. If fiction's already out there, then everybody's already decided what their reality is, in their minds

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