Monday, 29 March 2010


Midnight burns away too fast
Leaving childhood on my tongue.
When I slept safe, without walls
Without a sound.
With a fear of silence
And what lay in the darkness.

Midnight crawls away too soon
Early for voices
The morning rushes,
And brings to light,
What we know we will find
Shadows running on the streets
Toes that grip the floor
Empty glasses and ashes.

Midnight flies away too slow
Like a bird late for spring
Sprung from her cage
Tired and reminiscing.
She curses every feather
And never looks down.

And like a familiar bruise
When midnight is through
Every shape has a name
Her scent remains.

Where no one knows of the days to come.

In my head,
She sings of roads.


Rainchild said...
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Rainchild said...

In the first para I was thinking this is perhaps something id never relate midnight burns away to fast..but i never slept..feeling safe.
The second is the most perfect detailing ive seen.
and the third is how feel..if i thought of my midnights these days.
In the fourth though you push to something denoting the past..the next few lines mould it differently.
I can imagine you sitting in the middle of some forest..waiting on some lonely pathway..waiting...
Like you somehow always are in your poems..and somehow mostly in the end. Perhaps it means you are hopeful..perhaps it means you never value whats here..
I wouldnt ever know.
It left a very different taste...not different from yours..but different...because i havent read you in a long time. Glad i did.
Hope this is what you wished me to read.
: ]

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the harsh reality of me. said...

i love this poem, your really good

Joanne Amos said...

That was really good. Thank you for sharing.

Ishita said...

i see why you might have thought that i was the rainchild very likely to write all that...but i wouldn't have,not online :) i see a reflection of the kind of poetry you used to write years ago in this...the part of you that you left behind...or maybe its still there...delitescent :)

Aazar said...

Thank you is about leaving a part of you behind, then when night comes and takes over, looking back on it all and the future and think about where you're standing...its about those uncertain moments where you dont know where you're headed but you're still walking in some sort of, i guess im just faffing now when all this explanation wasnt required or asked for, anyway, always a pleasure to hear from all of you...cheers!! :)