Friday, 25 December 2009


In your laugh, I find

A child afraid of growing old

And in your eyes, I see

A woman watching time.

My purple shaded canvas,

Your skin has lines of a sharp star

Your heart, mellow clay

And on your lips, a gentle curse

For the spell I broke.

Lie next to me, and

I'll be silent.

Watch the light come and leave

Buried in white sand

We will feel the waves

With the sound of grass in the wind,

I'll breathe you slow.

My wandering cloud

Where will you go?

When the sun melts

Where the eye cannot see.

Let your words be whispers

To my patient ear.

And vacant, I

Go through the needle's eye

Run my fingers down your spine

Tell you before the day arrives

On your back,

Is a road to the moon.


Eagle princess said...

beautiful poem made me go back a few years..thank you.

Ishita said...

made me go back a few i guess i awe you a thank u too

Udita Banerjee said...

This is so beautiful... sigh.