Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Shape of Colours

Hope lies in uncertain things
The look in your eyes when I depart
The breeze of your skin
That shines as it leaves.
The healing of the sky after the rains have fallen.
There is a light when the sun goes down.

Red, like your skin
When you lay on the grass
Burning naked feet
Diamonds in the sun.

Oh my lady of the water,
Till noon, I’ll trace
The shape your shadows make.
And when darkness arrives, shapeless, we
Become a silhouette.

Truth lies in the silver of the night
In the braches that sway, and
Roots that shiver in the cold
In the whispering wind and roads that
Take you where you want to go.
In secrets that only silence allows us to confess.
In the shining moon that undoes your dress.

Oh my lady of all seasons
You say you will wait for winters
After summer leaves like,
A stranger through your door
And a yellow leaf on the ground
Announces autumn.


pulkit khanna said...

I like, ur style shows through...

shades...... said...

the more i read, the more i fall for you and your words.