Saturday, 10 January 2009

the part you avoid.

Ive never been good at talking about things once they are over(...or maybe i am...but only in my head...damn), and maybe it annoys me how good you're at it...yes...YOU. Maybe thats the only thing I am really pissed off about, more than anything. The sad thing is how we get used everything, like nothing ever happened...we never bleed, we're not allowed to...we restrict walk by the same road, to smile in the same corners where we huddled in winters and shared secrets, to watch the day turn to black, to wear ourselves out, like sweaters we must pass to our siblings after they stop fitting...sigh, gravity always wins...but I smile now, down is the new up...thank you for everything.

1 comment:

Ash's Ruin said...

now that was contradictory, a little.

*tilts head* i dont think i want to understand it at the own mind is restricting me. or maybe its my headache.

it has been a while, boyo.