Sunday, 30 November 2008

Strange Daze

Today the sky looked like it had Johndis...(is that the correct way to spell it??)...Johndiz, Jhondiss, John-dhish! What a weird word.

And I felt like a fat string on C sharp tuning being struck with with chord forms, i dont know where the abuse was coming from...but it was there, maybe in my own head...i dont know.

Never before have i seen so much death and disease around my house and in the world outside...its so easy to kill and even easier to point a finger, maybe soon these things will take over our ability to think if they havent already, but i hope that never happens.

What do i say now? Dont want to say the obvios so i shall refrain, practise discretion which was given to me by those around me...thank you for the venom, fuckers.

Porn wont take you far, reality is stranger...try getting off on that.

And here's a something about the weather that Nagma did not predict...winters will be colder this year.

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