Friday, 21 March 2008

Not The End, But...

Not the same when the waves get high.
Didn't make these for us, for them.
And I won't let go when you have no songs to sing.
Nothing to lose, promises,
When we sleep as we are, alone.
When you swim through another,
Just the same.
Remember me and the games we played.
The roads we took,
And lost our way.
The things we broke
And the words we shaped.
Watched the sun go down,
There we lay.

If it comes to this,
Of tears, cracks, chasms,
I wont sing this the same.
For there’s a world that waits,
For us to unfold.
And there’s so much,
That remains,

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Cerebral said...

WOW!...This was so well written. Its Beautiful.

Good one.

Death Blooms