Wednesday, 13 February 2008


These embers are all burning bright,
Forgotten by the tide of the day.
Lost in the wilderness of the night,
The wind takes the ashes and blows them away.

These things don’t just come at once,
Woman, you think you’ve changed.
You’re smiling, you’re walking the road
Down and out, but everything’s the same.

All your smiles and all your cries,
All your whispers in the dark.
All your tears and the way you move,
Dancing shadows of my heart.

You walk among all their rants,
Though we’re someone and yet unknown.
Keep walking and you shall find me waiting,
Find me, and I’m not alone.

(photo by Priyani)

1 comment:

Not yet there. said...

Down and out, but everything’s the same.

Very true. =/