Saturday, 13 October 2007

The Anomaly

We blame it all on politicians,
Their words are never true.
In shadows and in silence,
They smile like me and you.

I pledge allegiance to a country without borders,
A place without a name.
A flag that’s drained of colours,
And an empty government.

The soldiers are still marching,
I thought they were coming home to me.
A stranger in a stranger land,
I am an anomaly.

They blame it on the people,
We blame it on the war.
The violence of our neighbours,
Whoever you are.

The papers, they don’t lie,
But they never say the truth.
The mighty never cry,
Let’s hope they’re haunted by me and you.

Those whose cups are overfilled,
Will never go on a hunger strike.
Lay back kid, let the television feed you,
Give in to your demise.

And history sings again,
A choir of broken souls.
Capitalism is here to stay,
I salute the status quo.

Now they’re shutting down the factory,
When all the bills are due.
And the soldiers, they’re all leaving,
Just when the war is through.

So let’s blame it on the politicians,
Whose words are never true.
Let us close our eyes and never see,
They’re just like me and you.

We are the ones who made them,
It’s for them that we chant.
A reason to hate, a justification,
We are the slaves of what we want.

So I’m walking out of here,
For I can’t sing this through.
I wish I could paint this town ‘red’,
Wish I could open your eyes to you.

I’ll pledge allegiance to a country without borders,
Where the people have no names.
Let’s raise the flag that’s drained of colours,
Bring down the government.

Let us not depart to the Promised Land,
Let us be free.
Bound by chains, but of the human hand,
Let’s be the anomaly.

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Anonymous said...

nice poem very anarchistic a good critique of society-kabeer