Monday, 20 January 2014


May you be the season
That autumn loves to loathe.
May you be the reason
For clouds to part and pour.

May you be the answer
For all minds to wander free.
May you be the river
That quenches every tree.

May you be the tale
Of a thousand gleeful faces
May you be a poem
Found in hidden, tender places.

May you have wings
That teach you how to soar
May you win all fights with peace
And never keep a score.

May you be the eternal flame
That burns from within
May you find an ocean inside
May you learn to swim.

Saturday, 4 January 2014


Stay where you are
I've no maps for your eyes
No directions whatsoever for your body
And while our waves intertwine
I only wish to caress the sand
Of your skin

But stay where you are
Sometimes I think
You're better from a distance
For distance
Doesn't let me see
You going smoother with time
Washed like rocks by the sea
And I walk through your silence to say,
“The night is but a river,
Flowing from your eyes.”

Stay where you are
Tangled in the morning
Like your hair at noon
In the unruly wind
Where you trudge closer
On haunted rides
Through razor sharp tales
Hiding from thirsty beaks of crows

And as your neck becomes the road
That lays out shining before me
Where I go dancing in circles,
Let my whispers treat you well
Stay where you are
Or be here now