Monday, 11 February 2013

Woman of Words

Let your words spill out of me
Words that I write alone
On your back in the dark
Words like fruits I pluck from your eyes
Words that shine on the silver
Of your moon skin.
Let them enclose me like your
Arms on a dark street
Till there is nothing else
But words and you and me.

Let your words drown my memories
Lead me to newer lands with shores of hope
Where I find you smiling at every corner
And the trees utter your secrets
With silent words.

Let me be your empty page to conquer
Let my lines spell freedom for your winged words
And I will plant my words
Like kisses on your tired eyes
Watch the tendrils bloom into flowers
And roots fasten themselves down
Into your warm bosom.

And with words, we will
Paint pictures that speak
Sing our songs to reach the sky
With words, we shall brave
Sliver of serpent tongues
Trapeze and traverse this trepid time
Till there is nothing else
But words and you and me.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Sometimes you're so close that I could just reach out and touch you. But I don't. Sometimes when I don't see you looking my way, I keep staring until you do but then I feel like a creep staring at you so I stop soon enough. I hate putting on this mask and walking into a cubicled world where I must pretend I've never held you or will never get to. I hate how I don't have a good idea about what I am doing or whether its alright and you seem sure about things and when you're not I've nothing conclusive to say.