Monday, 28 September 2015


I feel forgotten 
Like keys in a bowl 
You kept too high,
Out of reach
Like keys that lead to 
Locks that open doors 
You've closed for good
Like keys, with crooked teeth gone
Brittle with time

Monday, 7 September 2015


I have little regard
For sharp things
Hidden objects

One stings
The other laughs.

I want nothing

I want nothing to do
With my hands,my feet
And my eyes
I'd rather lose
My sight, my scent
My sum, my sound
Than my words

I've forgotten how it feels
When someone touches the back of 
Your neck, the front of your chest
The end of your palm
Or what you see when you close your 
Eyes and kiss
I imagine only darkness
This storm is calm 
And the waves are still

And that perhaps, is
The worst death of all
The being alone
In happiness

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

With the night

All day
I keep waiting 
To be with the night
To forget the parties 
Of the day
To kiss and hold her tight

All the while
I'm killing time 
The light will never
know my name
I hide what I should seek 
I let go of these reins

All these moments
Photographs of colours
Washed and turned inside out
Hung to dry while she hums
"Music is made of cowards
and silence is a crowd."


I bit my tongue
while I was sleeping
Woke with one hand behind my head
Like I left my pillow back home
Another on my face
For the sun was in my eyes
And I, in the shade 
Where time lay still
And the birds were quiet
In all this silence, I
couldn't hear you speak 
Even though your teeth were shining
And you hands were dancing 
As the paper waves receded
Into the fold
But it stings a little, as I wake
I bit my tongue while I was sleeping
I was dreaming of you