Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shades of You

The shade of the day
Spill in to the evening
And the night is born
Where she dances, for no one in sight
And sometimes alone.

And words won’t stick to you
My beast of burden
My ocean bird
Know that my tired voice needs healing
Give it time, and
It will sing and soothe.

And though, powerless, I shall
Hum a new start
And bid goodbye to the heart
Of every dream’s waking
Where, at the edge of every answer
Lies the periphery of a crash
Where my fears collide
And I watch myself
Get consumed by you and die.

Friday, 23 November 2012


Where is her bottled flesh?
Is it exhumed and forgotten?
Where is my torn redemption?
Does it lie,
Surrounded by flies,
Withered and rotten?

This was a war
I was meant to lose
With my arms and armour
Of the chosen few.

I could try,
To not be capsized,
But panic spread through the crew.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Poetry On Road

They were laying poetry on the road,
Surrounded by steam
Oblique and mysterious
Soon to be left naked and flattened
Worn out, like
Words moulded in fire
Ripped off of verse.


What will you change?
A sky stripped of clouds
A smile in a wave of smoke
A voice through the garden
All these trudge along
Like children holding hands
On a road drenched with rain
Devoid of direction
Looking for a name.

Wayward Stranger

Harshly, you hit the road’s tide
Souvenirs, in your eyes
Wayward stranger with crooked teeth,
Send all your keepers home
And play by the colours old.
Time will run its course with you
Bruise you, burn you
And make you new.
So send all your kingdoms home
The grace never leaves us all.
And don’t go walking
With the same old ruse
Don’t you know I was
Never made for two?