Friday, 31 December 2010

Story of a River

A river cannot be spoken to
It will never agree with you.
A river is not a lover
It will never give in to your charms
A river is much like sand
It will slide through your palm

Like a winged bird
A river must be serenaded
A river must be heard.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Where I Find You

Where have you gone?
My tender muse
Fled with your scent from my palette
My tenant of misfortunes

Have you fled where the grass doesn’t sing?
Or to a city where you find only winter
And no one smiles?

Awaken the night that
Sleeps in your hair
Enfold me in their darkness

Summon your purple stars
And let a few fall
So your wishes may come true.

Unleash the sleeping waterfall
Behind your ear.
So that you may reach me
In tears or a river.

Let me drink the moon water
From your eye
Let me be intoxicated in
The search of you.

And when I have reached the shores
Of my wisdom
I will lie peaceful
Like your lips in the morning

Find me
Through the sighing waves
Through a shadow dream
Find me, and collide.

Find me and find yourself
You begin where I end.

- for Suzanne

Monday, 20 December 2010

Some Can Call It a Prayer

Don’t depart
My tender muse
Though your scent has fled
Everyone is a mirror for your face
Where crimson words are bled.

It is here I go
From room to room
Good tidings I hope to bring
The beauty that is lost in the gloom
Shall be nursed to sing.