Friday, 3 September 2010

How shall I speak of your dark hair?
That shrouds your moon face in mystery.
How shall I unfasten the roots that spread?
To hear you respire next to me.

Glimpse upon me through midnight’s eyes
On the heights where we lay
The wine on my lips when morning cries
Will ebb like sea today.

How shall I be lost?
On a mirage on your skin
Where I find a lonely desert, and
Wet earth that oft’ takes me in.

Seek me in the chambers of your mind
From where I shall never depart
And if I drift away into your valley of silence
I may yet be an inch from your heart.

And what am I to do after the rain has fallen?
When I find all my thoughts have run aground
How shall I wish the time to surpass?
How shall you be found?

Find me through your dreams of winter
Where the world, it seems, seizes to spin.
And you and I are left to wander
To find ourselves from where we begin.